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Modern Home Building Is Modular

Technological advancements are improving our everyday lives. The way homes are built today is no exception. Modern home building is modular. Modular homes replace the on-site building method that is often plagued with problems. These problems range from construction delays due to inclement weather. Decreased quality caused by each piece by piece step being left open to the elements. These and other problems combine to decrease finished quality, extend building times, and increase projected costs. Modular homes built in an enclosed factory setting solve these problems and more.

Speedier Construction Time

One of the most popular advantages of a modular home is the shorter amount of time between ground breaking and occupancy of your new home. Owners are often able to move in to their new homes in just a fraction of the time of a comparable site-built home.

Increased Quality Control

Building homes in a factory setting offers a number of advantages. Protection from the elements during the entire building process in addition to consistent quality construction and more thorough inspections. In addition the factory assembly process means each worker has been trained and is experienced to do a specific job and has become an expert in that one aspect of construction

Greater Cost Control

Many factors contribute to the increased cost efficiency of modular homes over site-built homes. Modular home producers are able to purchase materials in bulk offering lower material costs. The controlled indoor environment prevents building delays due to the weather and offers greater protection from material theft often experienced during on-site building.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The modular home construction process allows easier access, identification and filling of gaps around pipes, electrical outlets, windows and doors. This makes modular homes more energy efficient providing lower heating and cooling costs to the homeowner.

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Modular Home FAQS

Modular Home Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing a new home is accompanied by a lot of questions. We have taken some of the most frequently asked questions and provided an answer to hopefully help with some of your questions.


  1. Pricing varies depending on location, square footage, and a few other things. In order to get a better idea of pricing, it's best to request an appointment to have a brief chat. That allows us to get an idea of what you want, and we can give you an accurate price shortly after that call.
  2. It’s important to remember that currently, Whitson Builders' lowest-priced home STARTS at $225,000. This is a “turnkey” build to include permitting, foundation, house, delivery, utilities, etc. You should just move in!
  3. Pricing of a Modular is “typically” about 20-25% less than a site-built home. This is very dependent on the area and size of the home you build.

MOD vs Manufactured

  1. Good Question! We live in the south and this is unfortunately often confused, especially in the south. A MOD is not a Trailer!!! Mods are built to the IRBC (international residential building code) this is the same code as a site-built home. A Manufactured (mobile) is built to HUD code. While there are certainly some well-built manufactured homes out there the HUD code isn’t near the standard of the IRBC or the MODs we provide.


  1. Modular homes appraise like site-built homes. They must be compared with like builds so it must be compared with either other Modulars OR with site-built homes. NO mobile homes can be used for a Modular appraisal.
  2. Most of the homes we build have a significant amount of INSTANT equity.

Customization & Plans

  1. The plans you see on this site are “pre-engineered” meaning they’ve been built before, and the engineering process will be shorter for them. BUT 9 of 10 of our customers draw a custom home built to suit their lot and budget. Your options are endless! We usually schedule a call or meeting to discuss what you want in a house and design it custom for you!


We do have quite a few different banking relationships. For Modular construction (just like site builds) you need a construction loan. Rates are just like building a site-built home. For most construction loans you need a Credit Score of at least 680.


  1. Insurance premiums are the same as most other homes. We often build to “Gold Fortified” construction and that helps with insurance premiums here on the Gulf Coast.

A MOD in a Hurricane?!?!

  1. You’ve probably noticed we’re big into coastal builds. Our homes START at 150+ mph wind speeds. We often build homes to 180+ mph wind speeds. The homes are engineered and inspected by 3 different sources to confirm they’re built like a tank! You can’t say that about your site build. Did you know FEMA recommends Modular construction over site-built in Hurricane ridden areas?

Timeline to completion

Typically, we can complete a Modular build 4-6 weeks after the arrival from the factory. The factory engineering to building completion process typically takes around 4-6 months. Of course, materials, backlogs, and other things can slow that process.

What areas do we service?

  1. Take a look at our service map. Some of LA, ALL of MS, AL, & FL as well as the coastline for GA, SC, NC.

What Factories are we partnered with?

  1. Franklin Homes --
  2. Affinity Building Systems --
  3. Icon Legacy --


  1. Our homes can be placed on Pilings, Basement, Concrete Blocking, or Concrete Stem Wall. ALL modular homes must have a crawl space.

Can you build my garage, barn, porch or other?

  1. Of Course! We do quite a lot of onsite work with each build and we usually expect to be building something of the sort.

We still don’t want to do MOD. Can you site build?

  1. YES! But, we only do site builds within 60 miles of Gulf Shores, AL and we’re slightly picky on what we’ll build. (we don’t like to build ugly houses)

Is it true that Ed Whitson (our fearless leader) is the most interesting man in the world?

  1. Some would say so! It is said that he once roped a shark with the hair from his back & rode it from Fort Morgan to Mobile.

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