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Hurricane Sally Fort Morgan Aftermath Update:

(9-17-2020) Our Fort Morgan Team got hit hard but we are trying to handle business as we can. No power, water, or Internet so currently Text Only communication. We ask that you bear with us as we move forward as diligently and as fast as we can.

Modern Home Building is Modular

Technological advancements are improving our everyday lives. The way homes are built today is no exception. Modern home building is modular. Modular homes replace the on-site building method that is often plagued with problems. These problems range from construction delays due to inclement weather. Decreased quality caused by each piece by piece step being left open to the elements. These and other problems combine to decrease finished quality, extend building times, and increase projected costs. Modular homes built in an enclosed factory setting solve these problems and more.

Speedier Construction Time

One of the most popular advantages of a modular home is the shorter amount of time between ground breaking and occupancy of your new home. Owners are often able to move in to their new homes in just a fraction of the time of a comparable site-built home.

Increased Quality Control

Building homes in a factory setting offers a number of advantages. Protection from the elements during the entire building process in addition to consistent quality construction and more thorough inspections. In addition the factory assembly process means each worker has been trained and is experienced to do a specific job and has become an expert in that one aspect of construction

Greater Cost Control

Many factors contribute to the increased cost efficiency of modular homes over site-built homes. Modular home producers are able to purchase materials in bulk offering lower material costs. The controlled indoor environment prevents building delays due to the weather and offers greater protection from material theft often experienced during on-site building.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The modular home construction process allows easier access, identification and filling of gaps around pipes, electrical outlets, windows and doors. This makes modular homes more energy efficient providing lower heating and cooling costs to the homeowner.


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Recent Feedback

Our building contractor, Ed Whitson, is very experienced and knowledgeable, and he guided us all the way through to the finishing touches. He lined up all the subcontractors for the cement, plumbing, electricity, and lifting of the home. He even acquired all of the state and local permits and surveys, and checked all the codes. He was very professional and left us with no worries.

C. and L. Bouterie

I can highly recommend Ed Whitson Builders. We own a lot on Ft. Morgan that presented many challenges to home construction. Ed worked with us for several years prior to placing the home and has carried through on his promises unwaveringly. We are very happy with our modular home. Ed is friendly, knowledgeable, and unflappable, a nice combination of characteristics in someone you are entrusting with a large investment. I would not hesitate to have Ed place another house for us.

F. Scogin

In 2016, my husband and I were looking for a modular home company that had the quality and details we wanted in our new home. Since this would be our second modular we had done, we were very familiar with the process and the construction of these homes. We had met with several companies and was very excited when with met with Ed Whitson of Whitson Builders as his company had the quality and details we were looking for. I am so glad we decided to go with Ed. It was the right decision for us.

J. and B. Quimby, Elberta, Alabama

The quality of the construction is such that the home can withstand 150 MPH hurricane force winds. The home came carpeted, with crown molding window valances and blinds throughout. Just add your own furniture for the final touch. Modular is definitely the way to go - lower price than stick built and superb quality.

When you are ready to build, go modular and select Eddie Whitson as your builder - there is no better choice.

J. and E. Church, Ft Morgan, Alabama

In 2015 we purchased a Whitson Builders Modular home for our lot in Fort Morgan, Alabama. The sole purpose of this purchase was to use it as a Vacation Rental (VRBO - Vacation Rental By Owner). The home was up and ready to go in 2 month's generating a lucrative income. We are currently looking at another property to purchase and will most definitly do another Modular with Ed Whitson.

We are very pleased with the entire project and with Ed Whitson.

S. and H. Batemen, Ft Morgan, Alabama

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