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(Click To View Full Article) Building Performance: Hurricane Andrew in Florida

This page documents that even in 1992 the “Modular Homes” were so well constructed that they withstood the ravages of Hurricane Andrew. Since then many additional requirements have been forced upon our industry making them further “bullet proof”, many requirements we actually deem unnecessary and adding cost to “you” the buyer…(read more here)

Modular Home Hurricane Survivor Long Island Sound

6 Things A Modular Home Is NOT

Modular construction is by no means a new industry. It has been around since prefabricated homes got their start, survived through all sorts of ill-informed iterations that gave it a bad name, and has finally arrived at the forefront of new housing innovation. In order to learn more about modular homes, let’s take a look first at what they are NOT….(read more here)

Fema Says Modular Homes Safer in Hurricane

Why FEMA Says Modular Homes Are Safe

While no manufacturer would ever be so bold as to say that their homes are hurricane-proof, it has been proved time and again that modular homes stand up to extreme conditions much better than their site-built counterparts.

When Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast and homeowners went to tally up the damage, modular homes fared significantly better. FEMA has continually praised modular construction for sound workmanship dating all the way back to a report they issued back in 1993 about Hurricane Andrew hitting Florida…(read more here)

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